Team History

Team History

Team Records

2015    20-20

2016    23-24

2017    33-11

2018    24-14

2019    24-17

2021    21-19

Total    145-105


Post Season Record

2015    3-2                         SCCBL Runner up

2016    none

2017    3-1                         CCL Champions

2018    1-1                         CCL Runner up

2019    0-1

2021    none

Total    7-5


Player Awards



JJ Carr                                       Coloardo Mesa

Pitcher of the Year    

Cassius Hamm                         El Camino JC


2015 All League

JJ Carr                                      Colorado Mesa

AB Blanchet                            CS Northridge

Cassius Hamm                       El Camino JC

Caleb Henderson                   Central Arizona JC

Cole Gray                                Midland College

Andris Rizquez                       Lewis and Clark State




Dillion Kelley                           Chico State

Pitcher of the Year

Aaron Pinto                             Stony Brook

Hustle and Spirit

Jake Ortega                             CS Bakersfield


2016 All League

Dillion Kelley                           Chico State

Aaron Pinto                             Stony Brook

Andrew Carrillo                      Chico State




Dominic Fletcher                     Arkansas

Pitcher of the Year

Parker Joe Robinson              Texas

Hustle and Spirit

Tate Shaw                                Texas


2017 All League

Dominic Fletcher                   Arkansas

Joey Parente                           Lewis and Clark State

Beau Philip                             Delta JC

Ricky Reynoso                        Pacific

Caleb Kilian                            Texas Tech

Parker Joe Robinson            Texas

Tim Holdgrafer                      Cal Poly Pomona




Steve Curry                             Georgia Southern

Pitcher of the Year    

Hayden Pearce                        Pacific

Hustle and Spirit

Austin Sojka                            Oklahoma Wesleyan


2018 All League

Steve Curry                             Georgia Southern

Austin Sojka                           Oklahoma Wesleyan

Mason McWhorter                Georgia Southern

Micah Pries                            Point Loma

Ryan Sublette                        Texas Tech

Cassius Hamm                      CS Northridge




Connor Aoki                            Binghamton

Pitcher of the Year

Marrick Crouse                       Undecided

Hustle and Spirit

Chris Aubort                            Hawaii Hilo


2019 All League

Michael Peabody                   UC Irvine

Dylan Rock                             UT San Antonio

Nick Jones                              Georgia Southern

Connor Aoki                           Binghamton

Marrick Crouse                      Undecided



Davis Diaz                            Vanderbilt

Pitcher of the Year

Tony Robie                          Texas State

Hustle and Spirit

Kolton Freeman                  Dartmouth


2021 All League

TC Simmons                          UConn

Davis Diaz                              Vanderbilt

Spencer Edwards                  Cornell

Tony Robie                             Texas State


MLB Drafted or sign as Free Agent 

Austin O’Banion                      Indians

Laine Huffman                        Mets

Tyler Schimpf                          Giants

Eric Wagaman                         Yankees

Sean Wymer                            Blue Jays

Caleb Kilian                             Giants

Parker Joe Robinson              Angels

David Miranda                        Mets

Zach McLeod                           Orioles

Zach Plunkett                          Dodgers

Luke Bandy                             Red Sox

Marrick Crouse                       Braves

Jake Ortega                             Mets

Jake Pries                                Yankees

Micah Pries                             Indians

Dean Miller                             Red Sox

Hunter Bigge                          Cubs

Aaron Pinto                             Indians

Dominic Fletcher                   Diamondbacks

Beau Philip                              Braves

Noah Owen                              White Sox

Jack Thomas-Wold                Mets

Ryan Sublette                          Dodgers

Nick Jones                                Angels

Max Ferguson                          Padres

Michael Peabody                     Angels

Carson Matthews                    Angels





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