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The Orange County Riptide Baseball Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, offers free admission to all of its home games. We do require all attendees use a unique QR code that is sent to them via email through our ticketing system in order to gain entry. Fans, MLB Scouts, Host Families, Friends and Family of OC Riptide Players and visiting team fans can choose to receive a season pass or single game tickets. No matter your choice, there is no charge for admission for OC Riptide Baseball Club games.

Free tickets? How do they do it?

The Orange County Riptide Baseball Club is a non-profit organization. The mission of the OC Riptide is to help college baseball players work towards achieving their dream of one day playing professional baseball while also providing affordable family entertainment. Donations are welcome at the gate but this is not a requirement.  If you would like to donate prior to arriving at the OC Great Park Baseball Stadium, you can donate via Paypal or Venmo. Fund-raising is a year-long process with the OC Riptide dependent upon donations, contributions and sponsors.

If it’s free to get in, why do I need tickets?

In order to help the OC Riptide gauge how many fans attend our games, we needed a fan attendance tracking system. We wanted it to be non-invasive, environmentally friendly and highly accurate in order to record how many fans and what types of fans come to watch the OC Riptide play. By scanning a QR code from a mobile phone or if fans choose to print their tickets, the OC Riptide staff can understand if someone is an MLB Scout, a family member of one of our players, a member of a little league or just a long-time fan of the baseball club. This information can help the OC Riptide when it comes to attracting sponsors and raising capital to help fund our baseball club. By attracting sponsors and increased charitable donations, the OC Riptide will be able to keep admission free.

Get your tickets & come watch a game!

We hope when you attend a game, you will choose to help support the tradition of the OC Riptide as Orange County’s premier wood bat summer baseball team. Choose from a season pass or single game tickets below.

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