OC Riptide & Sanford Power Announce Strategic Partnership

IRVINE, Calif. – The Orange County Riptide, a premier wood bat collegiate summer baseball club, and Sanford Power – Irvine, today announced a strategic partnership to enhance the Riptide player experience through baseball-specific training that incorporates the latest in strength development, speed, agility and explosive power.

Student-athletes playing baseball for the OC Riptide will have full access to the Sanford Power – Irvine facility. Each athlete can train with Sanford Power’s trainers individually and follow their specialized off-season workout regimen prescribed by their college baseball program’s strength and conditioning coaches. Sanford Power will communicate with the student-athlete’s college coaching staff and provide real time updates and adjustments while the athlete is playing in California.

“I’m really impressed with the science behind what Sanford Power does,” OC Riptide Head Coach Tim Brown said. “All summer baseball programs provide training for their players. Sanford Power offers science and therapeutics beyond that training.”

A division of Sanford Health, Sanford Power’s goal is to improve athletic performance by stressing the principles of proper functional movement through customized programming based on an individual’s specific needs. To take a tour of the Sanford Power – Irvine campus and learn more, please watch the video below.

“Sanford Power will provide OC Riptide players a high level training program that has direct coaching oversight as well as communication with that player’s university performance staff,” said Eric Renaghan, High Performance Manager at Sanford Power – Irvine. “In addition to that training, athletes will get exposure to a professional level culture which prepares athletes both educationally and physically to be ready for that next level whether it is going in the draft or signing as a free agent.”

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Sanford Power – Irvine’s close proximity to the OC Riptide’s home stadium at the Orange County Great Park will play a significant advantage to the team’s success. Just a 10 minute drive from the Great Park Baseball Stadium, Riptide players and coaches will perform pregame stretching, pitching and hitting instruction and work on individualized routines at the Sanford Power – Irvine facility.

“We envision all pregame activities would happen here at Sanford Power – Irvine,” Renaghan added. “It allows us to have those conversations with the athletes as things start to pop up throughout the season to make sure we mitigate those before they become problematic. It also allows us to have that culture built up; that team culture they get when they are at school. We are also going to be at the field with the team during pregame warm ups and to be there to support the performance of the athletes as well. It’s a great opportunity for us to take our experiences working with professional teams and really provide that culture for these guys that are going to be future professionals.”

Unfortunately, injuries are a part of any competitive sport and summer baseball is not immune. This strategic partnership between the OC Riptide and Sanford Power will help minimize and hopefully prevent a student-athlete from sustaining an injury while playing during the summer.

Sanford Power Tech Meeting
Eric Renaghan, right, meets with Sanford Power – Irvine staff regarding the latest sports technology to help athletes improve performance.
(Image courtesy of Sanford Power)

“The one thing summer baseball coaches have to be most concerned about is keeping players healthy, safe and injury free,” Brown added. “In examining what Sanford Power is offering to do for the Orange County Riptide, I’m confident we can accomplish that goal.”

The OC Riptide enters the 2022 summer baseball season with confidence that it can return to its winning ways. With a new head coach in Tim Brown coupled with a projected roster of phenomenal student-athletes already committed to play for the Riptide, the team looks primed to compete for the California Collegiate League championship next summer. The addition of Sanford Power as a strategic partner offers even more optimism that a championship run is in the works.

“We’re excited to be partners with Sanford Power,” OC Riptide General Manager Moe Geoghegan said. “I think it is a beautiful opportunity for our baseball players to work out at a world class facility in order to get better over the summer through strength and science. It’s a connection for both partners to excel in the summer baseball world.”

To learn more about Sanford Power – Irvine, visit: sanfordpower.com/irvine/ and follow them on Twitter: @SanfordPOWER

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