After thirteen long innings the Riptide defeat the Blues

San Luis Obispo, Calif. – After a long thirteen innings the Riptide collected the win against the San Luis Obispo Blues Thursday night. The Riptide battled hard against the blues going back and fourth in innings until Gavin Haimovitz hit a triple right over the second baseman’s head. This brought the riptide ahead 4-2. The other Gavin, Gavin Mez hit a single down the middle bringing the final score to 5-2. The Riptide were able to hold off the Blues in the bottom of the thirteenth for the prolonged win.

Brandon Burckel had the first hit on a wild pitch which helped the riptide gain a 1-0 advantage over the blues at the top of the 2nd. The Riptide defended the score 1-0 through the eighth inning until the Blues almost caught ahead of the Riptide tying the score 1-1.

Zach Thomas slashed the bat in a half scoring a single at the top of the third inning. The bat landed on the third baseline where the third baseman and umpire were left to pick up the pieces.

During the tenth inning, the Riptide were able to get a run in by a pitch hit allowing Chase Valentine to walk right into home plate. This left the Riptide and the Blues tied yet again 3-3.

Entering the bottom of the thirteenth inning Zach Thomas struck out the last two batters with the exception of a pop up from the first batter. Thomas pitched for three innings closing out the game for the Riptide.

The Riptide will play at home Friday against the Arroyo Seco Saints @ 6:35 pm. This game the Riptide will partner with Team Michelle which is a non-profit organization helping  to  with breast cancer. Fifty percent of the Riptide proceeds will go to Team Michelle. The team will be wearing pink in honor of  breast cancer awareness. 

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